About me

I am a graduate of the University of Wisconsin - Stevens Point with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Graphic Design. I love to take part in creative solutions, identity development and perceiving how an audience responds to various designs. I always find it intriguing on how the exposure of design can be implemented in any given situation, product, or story. As a designer, I always want to create, embellish, and deconstruct systems to ultimately make an uniform solution. 

I believe art is a presence that exudes a deep, interconnected relationship with any given format. I want to develop for the viewer and communicate a driving factor with any given challenge. I  love to connect my skill set with the knowledge of  hearty design qualities that may be felt throughout any designed piece.

Apart from the workplace, some of my hobbies include camping, making ANYTHING with my hands, walking with my dog Odin, and trying not to feel smaller than I already am on this planet.